Crawlspace Repair and Crawlspace Moisture Control

Crawlspaces that collect water or stay damp can be breeding grounds for mold, mildew, insects, and bacteria. As air moves upward into your home, these crawlspace problems can quickly affect your entire home putting your family’s health at risk.

Does your crawlspace suffer from high humidity?  Are you seeing signs of problems such as mold or wood rot? Do you have musty odors permeating up into your house?

American Eagle will help you not only restore any damage but also prevent and avoid problems for the future.  It is all about proper moisture control in the crawlspace or unfinished basement.  You have to fix the cause of the problem to avoid its effect.

American Eagle is a preferred reseller of the ATMOX Ventilation System – a cost effective and energy efficient moisture control system.  The ATMOX System uses a combination of different fans to fully ventilate your crawlspace at the right time only bringing in outside air when it is beneficial to your crawlspace.  How does it do that?  ATMOX uses sensors measuring humidity and temperature both inside the crawlspace and outside in order to compare conditions between the two air masses.  The measurements from the sensors go to a Control Box that acts like the brain for the entire system.  The software in the Control box will determine whether or not the fans should be running.  In some cases, the ATMOX system may incorporate an optional dehumidifier as a secondary drying action.  The ATMOX system will be customized to your crawlspace and needs.

ATMOX EZ Control Box ATMOX 12VDC Crawl Space Vent FanATMOX 12VDC Dead Area Crawl Space Fan

You can learn more about the ATMOX System at

At American Eagle, we are not only experts in mold remediation, we can fix your crawlspace to prevent moisture and subsequent future issues.